Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things I want

I want to make a list of things I want so I remember to buy them as my money comes in.

1. St. Ann Rosary Bracelet. On etsy, by BeadsOfHeaven. It's pretty and I like what St. Ann stands for.

2. A custom stamp with my shop name so I can stamp the back of my pieces. By JLMould on etsy.

3. Moo Cards! I embroider a lot at work and people ask me about it. I'd love to have business cards to give out, and I think I am going to use Moo Cards for that, so I can put pictures of my work on them.

4. More hoops. I discovered that Hobby Lobby is substantially cheaper than Micheal's, so I am going there now.

5. Envelopes. I have a few things to mail. This should really be #1 because I need to get on the ball.


  1. I love the stamps at JLMould!! I want one too :0)

  2. You could always make your own stamp too...Since you're very good with the needle! :)